Black Economic Equity - Shapiro For Governor
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Black Economic Equity

For Pennsylvania to grow and succeed, every Pennsylvanian must be able to equally participate in our economy, support their families, and access safe and affordable housing. 

Unfortunately, the reality today is that too many Black Pennsylvanians face significant barriers that keep them from fully accessing our financial systems and labor markets. Intergenerational inequities mean Black people are statistically less likely to be able to find a good job, live in safe communities, access banking, start a business, own a home, or access equitable health care. 

Too many Black families lack generational wealth — the average net worth of a Black family is nearly 10 times less than that of a white family. Josh knows that when every Pennsylvanian can access the economy equally, all Pennsylvanians and our entire Commonwealth will do better. If the number of Black-owned businesses was proportionate to the population, the American economy would benefit from $5.9 trillion in additional revenue every year. 

Josh knows that when Black Pennsylvanians do better, our entire economy grows. As Governor, Josh will lift families out of poverty, build economic opportunities and wealth, increase housing stability and homeownership, and address health inequities in Black communities.