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Cutting Costs

Pennsylvanians are being crushed under a mountain of rising prices. The cost of everything from food to gas have risen, weighing on people all across the Commonwealth. Many of the drivers of those rising costs are global — but here in Pennsylvania, Josh has a three point plan to make it easier for people to pay their bills and support their families. 

As Governor, Josh will issue gas tax refunds of $250 for every personal passenger vehicle registered in the Commonwealth, up to four per household (or $1,000). He’ll eliminate the state cell phone tax – specifically, the gross receipt and sales tax on cell phone service. By eliminating this 11% state tax, we can reduce Pennsylvanians’tax burden by $317 million and save folks money on their monthly cell phone bill. Lastly, Josh will lower household costs by expanding the Property Tax and Rent Rebate program, increasing the maximum rebate to $1,000 and making the program available to over 275,000 more eligible people.

Josh’s cost cutting plan is fully paid for and directly addresses the struggles so many Pennsylvanians are facing right now. While Josh believes the Legislature should take up this plan immediately, if they don’t, he’ll be ready to get it done on day one as Governor.