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Disability Rights

Pennsylvanians with disabilities should have the opportunity to thrive and live the lives they want to, when, where, and how they want to do it — safely, without barriers, and with access to the necessary support and resources as needed. As Governor, Josh will safeguard and advance the rights of the Commonwealth’s citizens with disabilities and ensure that they receive equitable and dependable services. 

As a state legislator, Josh partnered with lawmakers from both sides of the aisle to triple state funding for autism services, which ultimately expanded services for thousands of children across the Commonwealth. He also voted to increase funding for community-based services for individuals with learning disabilities to help thousands of Pennsylvanians and created a new state program to help autistic adults later in his time as a legislator.

As Governor, Josh will continue to fight for opportunities for Pennsylvanians with disabilities. In the midst of a workforce crisis of direct support professionals, Josh will ensure that there is sufficient funding available to increase wages to help with the recruitment and retention of service providers. He will also increase access to fair employment for individuals with disabilities by signing legislation to phase out subminimum wages. A Shapiro Administration will promote mental healthcare as an integral part of primary care and apply for federal waivers that will allow Pennsylvanians with disabilities to use their Medicaid funds for mental and behavioral health treatment. Josh will also reduce the years-long waitlist for home and community-based services and improve quality of life for those who need help. Finally, Josh will ensure better post-secondary and higher education opportunities for students with disabilities, capitalizing on Pennsylvania’s existing inclusive higher education programs, and expanding secondary school transition planning in special education programs.

As he has done throughout his career in public service, Josh will lead an administration where no one is forgotten. He will bring stakeholders with disabilities to the table to design and advise on policies related to the disability community because Josh understands that when all Pennsylvanians are included, our Commonwealth is stronger.