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Energy and the Environment

Pennsylvania is one of the most important energy-producing states in the entire country. The Commonwealth is the second largest natural gas producing state in the nation and the largest electricity exporter in the entire country. As an energy powerhouse with an incredibly diverse economy, we have everything we need to be a national and global leader on charting a path towards a low carbon future while continuing to create stable, good-paying jobs and grow our economy.

Josh refuses to accept the false choice between protecting jobs or protecting our planet – we must do both. His priority is ensuring Pennsylvania has a comprehensive climate and energy policy that will move all of us forward. 

As Governor, Josh will invest in clean energy while creating thousands of good paying jobs for Pennsylvanians across the Commonwealth. He’ll promote solar projects and adopt measures to increase access to renewable energy sources. Shapiro will invest to plug abandoned wells across the state to curb emissions and create jobs, and invest in zero-carbon technology and provide financial incentives to help bring zero-carbon technologies to commercial readiness. This includes investment in research, development, and design (RD&D) for advanced renewables, advanced nuclear, hydrogen, carbon capture, and other zero-carbon technologies that could support businesses and job creation in Pennsylvania. Finally, Josh will expand weatherization assistance programs and energy efficiency projects for small businesses throughout the Commonwealth.

Josh will also work with stakeholders, including those from across the aisle, to bring us all together to figure out the best way to move forward to net-zero emissions by 2050. Pennsylvania’s steps forward must ensure that we remain an energy hub while protecting vital pieces of our economy and leaving no Pennsylvanian behind, and Josh will lead us to that future.

  • Patch: Josh Shapiro Gets Major Endorsement From Environmental Groups


    A group of leading Pennsylvania advocacy organizations have thrown their support behind Josh Shapiro’s bid to become the commonwealth’s next governor, coming out on a rainy Thursday to endorse Shapiro during an event at the Morris Arboretum of the University of Pennsylvania, which is just over the Montgomery County line in Philadelphia’s Chestnut Hill neighborhood.