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Spurring Innovation

The innovation economy – the technology-based industries that invest and commercialize new advances and discoveries to move us forward – are vital to our future. Yet, unlike many states, Pennsylvania does not have a comprehensive strategy for fostering and supporting innovation. A recent Brookings Institute study indicates that Pennsylvania’s lack of an innovation strategy is a major reason we continue to fall behind other states. Nationally and globally, innovation economy industries are growing rapidly, pay well, and provide job opportunities that don’t necessarily require a bachelor’s degree.

Josh knows that Pennsylvania needs to modernize the way it thinks about innovation and the innovation economy. Instead of creating a one-size fits all innovation plan, or treating each industry as separate from others, Josh will lead a comprehensive statewide assessment to identify the key industries and technologies that Pennsylvania should invest in to become a national leader. 

As Governor, Josh’s plan will focus on identifying and developing “innovation hubs” to spur Pennsylvania’s economic growth. Josh will support and develop the Commonwealth’s unique set of strengths and assets in next generation manufacturing, life sciences, autonomous technologies, national defense technologies, and logistics since these innovation clusters already have a foothold in Pennsylvania. Josh will also direct the Department of Community and Economic Development to ensure companies have access to needed public and private R&D funding and early stage risk capital, technology transfer assistance, recruitment assistance, training and educational services, transportation and computational infrastructure, and other crucial forms of support so that each hub can grow accordingly. By updating our approach to innovation and fostering the growth of innovation clusters, we can create good jobs and make Pennsylvania a national and global leader in next-generation industries.