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Creating Good Jobs and Expanding Job Training

Josh knows that Pennsylvania workers are the backbone of our economy, and that access to stable, good-paying jobs is key to economic growth and financial stability for Pennsylvanians. Every Pennsylvanian should be able to find a good-paying job that allows them to take care of their family and live a life of dignity and respect. As Governor, Josh will create an economy that meets the needs of Pennsylvanians and gives every Pennsylvanian the knowledge and skills to achieve their potential and pursue their dreams. 

Josh has a plan to create thousands of good-paying, union jobs across the Commonwealth by investing in infrastructure and spurring innovation, including funding projects to plug hundreds of thousands of abandoned wells across the Commonwealth, modernizing homes and businesses through energy efficiency projects, investing in sewer and stormwater projects, and repairing the Commonwealth’s structurally deficient bridges and roads. 

Josh knows that while it’s important to create more good-paying jobs, it’s equally important to invest in workforce development and ensure every Pennsylvanian can achieve success if they work hard. As Governor, Josh will expand job skills training programs and vocational training to high school students and graduates, so students have access to opportunities for their career development in high school. He’ll invest in apprenticeships and on-the-job training initiatives, invest in career and technical education (CTE) and pre-apprenticeship programs that can introduce youth and young adults to non-college track opportunities and provide a clear pathway to the needed training and employment opportunities, and establish an Independent Office of Workforce Development to cut through bureaucratic red tape and have a one-stop shop for coordinating long-term workforce development strategies for the Commonwealth.