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Workers' Rights

Pennsylvania workers are the backbone of our economy and they deserve a Governor who will stand up for them and not only protect the right to organize, but expand it, so that every worker has the opportunity to join a union.

Josh has spent his career taking on the powerful and well-connected on behalf of working people. In his first term as Attorney General, he created the first ever Fair Labor section in the Office of the Attorney General to combat wage theft and worker misclassification.

He held one of the Commonwealth’s largest road construction companies accountable when they broke the law and stole from Pennsylvania workers — in the largest worker misclassification criminal case in U.S. history — and successfully brought criminal charges against a mechanical contractor for underpaying its workers. In a landmark negotiation, Josh took on the two largest health care institutions in our Commonwealth to protect access to health care for 1.9 million people in Western Pennsylvania. 

Josh has workers’ backs, and that’s why they’re supporting him in this campaign. As Governor, Josh will protect the right to collective bargaining, go after employers who spread anti-union propaganda and interfere with workers’ right to join a union, strengthen worker misclassification laws,  and veto any legislation that seeks to make Pennsylvania a right-to-work state. Our economy is stronger when everyone participates and as Governor, Josh will ensure that hardworking Pennsylvanians can organize, earn for their family, and live a life of dignity.